The Official "Max is in love with Lzzy Hale" Thread

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The Official "Max is in love with Lzzy Hale" Thread

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Just for fun and laughs. It seems like I've been bringing up this topic in multiple threads, so I thought I would create a separate thread for it. Hopefully this is allowed and not breaking any site rules.

Lzzy just responded to me on Reddit. This is now the third time she's responded to me on social media, and it's the longest message I've heard back from her. Since it's near impossible to attach screenshots to this board, I will instead copy the text of each message and paste it here.

Me: Everybody here's freaking out over the looks. Yes, I agree with y'all. But I also am still blown away by your amazing performance in Sioux City. You made this young musician really wanna step up his game. 🤘🎸❤️

Lzzy: Thank you so much! It’s hard work, but you know what else is hard …. Sitting by and not even trying to do the one thing in this world that you want to do!

I'll also attach her original post just for good measure. It at least proves that this really happened. ... _content=2

UPDATE: After reading the rest of the comments and her responses, I also see that it's the longest response to anyone on the entire post. I literally can't breathe. This is amazing.
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