My music lol

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My music lol

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I have link to my Soundcloud below.

Some of the songs on there are from a long time ago and kinda demoish. Like the quality isnt always very good so take it with a grain of salt. I was really just messing around.

I did however want to recommend these newer ones because the quality is defintely better. These are songs I came up with. Take All of Me sounds too low so I could probably stand to raise the key a few half steps.

-In Your Arms (snow patrol vibe)
-Raw Highway (dark folk song)
-Take All of Me (piano song)
-Fake (demo song with breaking benjamin vibe)
-Broken (demo pop rock song about abuse)
-Couldnt Get Close to You (pop rock song)
-piano instrumental piece (i never thought i would find love someday but then I did)

Also, somewhere in there there's a cover of Signal Fire by Snow Patrol. ... trol-cover

Theres a cover of Closer by Joshua Radin but its kinda rough and wasnt the best. I was just messing around.
Im kinda embarrased to share this stuff so whatever lol.

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Re: My music lol

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But, like, you've done all of it with a serious intent of making music?
Check out my solo project Slight Isolationism:


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