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Give And Take (Original Song)

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2022 11:20 am
by UninvitedZero
It's been ages since I've written anything decent...

Of all the things that I'm ashamed of
Holding you back hurts the most
Even days the sun was shining
My heart stained black, devoid of hope

Give me back my soul and just take what you deserve
How was I supposed to know you'd drag me through the dirt
After all this time I thought I'd known you so well
Cold and calculating, agitated, overwhelmed

People tell me all the time now
They miss the way things used to be
I'd be lying if I said I felt the same
All I need is space to breathe

Give me peace of mind, you can take all that you can
If I could learn to fly, my feet would never grace this land
After all this time, everything we faced headfirst
No one could predict one love could be so goddamn cursed
Blessings wear disguises, come to quench a bitter thirst
Come whatever may next year, know we've been through worse