Creed Woodstock '99 [Extended and Remastered]

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Creed Woodstock '99 [Extended and Remastered]

Postby SamtheAngelFox » Thu Aug 01, 2019 4:00 am

Even though I missed the anniversary of Woodstock '99 I figured I'd still present something I worked on for the past month.
Thanks to cesargil for uploading the shows once again including the Woodstock show I was able to make the complete version of the concert by using that source and two others. A DVD source often seen on YouTube and a TV source different from cesargils.

I also took the time to remaster the show as well, but I've presented both the unmastered and remastered versions in the download. Any comments, critique and opinions on the remaster are welcome! ... TD75nbAHPo

Includes art too that I've made! The booklet, back cover, front cover and CD design!


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