Question about the House of Blues

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Question about the House of Blues

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I have a question about the navigation inside the house of blues for anyone that has been there before. I was sitting here thinking tonight and I realized that the layout I have in my head that I thought was the house of blues is actually the layout for the hard rock, so now I'm completely at a loss as far as what I'm going to do.

Here's a question when you first walk into the house of blues are there any ramps to get down to the main floor, or is it all stairs? Reason I ask is because I bought a meet and greet kind of specifically for the early entry to be able to get down by the stage and have a good place to see being that I'm in a wheelchair. I'll be in my power chair so nobody's going to knock me over or anything but that's where I want to be ideally.

Turns out when I was buying my ticket and the meet and greet even though the layout was staring me in the face it didn't register to me that what I had in my head and what I was staring at were two different things. I do plan on calling the venue first thing Monday morning to get a definitive answer but to be honest it's going to bug the hell out of me for the next 24 hours so I thought I'd at least ask the community because I'm sure plenty of people have been to the hard rock before.

I did talk to Tim prior to buying my meet and greet and he told me that there is an elevator at the venue, but I can't find any information about it anywhere. I was just wondering if anybody might be able to provide some insight

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