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Reminder about leaks

Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2022 9:12 pm
by TABN Admin
As we are gearing up for the Pawns and Kings album cycle, we would like to issue a reminder about leaking unreleased content on TABN. We know everyone is excited for some new Alter Bridge music! In all of the excitement, it can be tempting to share content that the band has not intended to release yet. As massive fans of the Alter Bridge, we try to respect the band's wishes about the timing and method by which things are released. So, please be reminded that TABN may not be used to distribute leaks of any kind. Anyone sharing leaks on TABN will be subject to our rules—warnings, temporary bans, or even permanent bans—depending on the nature of the infraction.

Thanks in advance for keeping TABN a place to support, promote, and appreciate our favorite band in a manner they would be proud of!