Revisiting Full Circle

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Revisiting Full Circle

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Don’t know why, but I randomly decided to listen to Full Circle this afternoon. Like many, I found it to be lackluster upon release. Creed was my first favorite band since I was 10 years old. So I’ve always had a very special fondness for them.

Anyways, I listened to Full Circle for the first time in years and I was truly surprised by my feelings on the album after listening to it again. I’ve got some thoughts…

Overcome - What a way to kick off the album! This was the first single off the album and I loved it from the first time I heard it. Still love it and what a way to say Creed was back!

Bread of Shame - No…just, no. A shocking misstep. I’m flabbergasted this made the album. But I feel this was the only true misfire on the album.

A Thousand Faces - Stapp/Tremonti vocal harmonies!!! Good god they go well together! It’s such a shame that things have panned out the way they have, because Scott and Mark have such an undeniable chemistry. This song is without a doubt the most “classic” Creed sounding song on the album and I feel it would have been a standout on whatever album it was on.

Suddenly - Such an awesome riff heavy song! These riffs are awesome and I feel this type song has been missing from the last two AB albums. One of my faves on this album.

Rain - Stappy…ugh…I mean sappy. But not in a bad way. It’s fun and poppy. Though not in a classic Creed kind of way. Really solid song though.

Away in Silence - Idk, maybe it’s because I’ve got a wife and kid now, but this song just hits different than it did in ‘09. Great song. Fantastic fingerpicking. Glad Mark eventually stopped with the 12 string though.

Fear - Starting a theme for the second half of the album, a semi-mediocre song is elevated by a kick@$$ bridge riff!

On My Sleeve - One of the weaker songs but still solid. That riff right before the chorus kicks in is the standout section of the song.

Full Circle - The bridge! Man it’s awesome! Again, I feel this is something AB had been missing the last couple albums…that amazing bridge that elevates the song to the next level.

Time - A nice long semi-epic song. I know this was a fave of a lot of folks. Never quite did it for me. Not a bad song, but I think the epics are best left for AB.

Good Fight - What would have been a forgettable song is again elevated by a great bridge riff and solo. I keep finding it hard to justify skipping songs on this album because they consistently finish so strong!

The Song You Sing - Not a super strong finish, but it’s good enough. Nice solo at the end.

Overall - It’s a really , really good album. But it’s short of being great. Production was not very good. Makes Elvis seem like a master of his craft lol. The solos were solid. But Stapp was obviously struggling a bit in the studio. There were some head scratching choices with the 12 string and super drop tuned Bread of Shame.
But overall this was a collection of really solid songs. With a few different decisions in production it may have been truly great! But after listening to this album again after such a long break, I find I like it more than I ever have before.
AB is like the fine dinning of Rock/Metal, but dang it sometimes I’m in the mood for a great cheeseburger!!!
I really miss Creed and I do think there is room for them alongside AB and the side projects. Stapp and Tremonti have that rare and undeniable chemistry. It’s such a shame that life has played out the way it has. Almost tragic. I really hope they can reconcile one day and reignite a fan base that I’m sure is still there. I guess we will have to just wait and see if things come Full Circle…

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